Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rubbish record

March 2009 Rubbish weigh-inThis month we remembered to check out the A - Z of recycling on our local council's website before we started sorting out our bins.

The things we know to recycle, compost and re-use get put in the relevant place during the month, but by the end of the month the kitchen bin (in particular) was still getting pretty full. Mainly plastics, some spent indelible pens, a disposable razor and some broken rubber bands.

Plastic bags, we've found out, can be taken to the local Household Waste and Recycling centre - that's why this month the rubbish isn't nicely shoved in a plastic bag and it is on the weighing scales in all it's rubbish glory.

So the rubbish weigh-in for March is a new Transition House record of 190 grams.

So far this year we haven't put any of the bins out to be collected. So theoretically we can go back to January and Februarys landfill waste and, with our new recycling knowledge, see if any more can be recycled. That might be a step too far for the Transition Housewife. We'll see.


  1. That's okay, I don't mind - if you want to, go ahead.

    Only joking. Bring it on! :)

  2. Yay what fab progress. That's brilliant.