Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Food forest front garden

Our front garden is a north-west(ish) facing slope with very little growing in it. It used to have a laburnum tree but it had been suffering for a few years and last year didn't produce any flowers so we've taken it out. Turned out the roots were completely rotten. The front garden was looking even more bare than usual - just grass, a small pyracantha, a pot containing lily-of-the-valley and some lupins. That is until a few days ago.

The Transition Housewife and I have been discussing what to do with the front garden for a while now. She wants to terrace it on contour to create a series of lavender planted steps that will retain rain water and "look gorgeous". I want to plant a forest garden.

Hazel treesSo we're going to do both. We found some hazel hedging plants at a local nursery that were only £1.25 each, much cheaper than buying standard hazel trees, so we bought 10. We've planted the trees out on contour so that the terraces can be cut into the garden when we've worked out how to make sure the "steps" don't collapse.

I also have to find out what food plants are shade loving and can grow under the hazels.

I suspect in this suburban area our plans will raise a few eyebrows, there is a bit of a culture of mowing the lawn on a sunny afternoon. We'll see.

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  1. First us, now the Obamas!! Soon everyone will be digging up their front lawn to grow food. But really someone should talk to them about permaculture. Transition Culture I think put it nicely: