Thursday, February 26, 2009

How long before mushrooms?

My wife (Transition Housewife) has been vegetarian for years. She was really pleased when, a few months before Christmas, the local co-op supermarket started to stock different mushrooms to the ubiquitous closed cup button variety, what's more they were locally produced. Great. However, she bemoaned the fact that they were overpackaged and sporadically stocked.

So I bought her an Oyster mushroom growing kit for Christmas - the kind that involves recycling a book - which she loved and had found a suitable book to recycle before Christmas lunch.

Little did I know that her presents to me consisted of:

A definate hint. (Actually the Mycelium book is brilliant and the Mushroom guide, comprehensive).

Mushroom spawn dowel before tapped into Silver Birch logThe problem was that the mushroom spore grain for the logs didn't come with any logs. What's more, the logs needed to be a specific size, type of tree and felled within 6 weeks. So the hunt was on for logs.

Eventually we were given some freshly felled silver birch by our local RSPB volunteer woodland management group (we volunteer during the winter months for a few hours every other Sunday).

Last Sunday (a day off from volunteering) I created three mushroom logs, one of each variety. So in 6 - 18 months we should be harvesting our own gourmet mushrooms.

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