Sunday, February 1, 2009

First rubbish weigh in

January 2009 rubbish weigh-in
Today I put the rubbish in the black bin for the first time this year. The rubbish (from the kitchen bin) all fitted into one small white plastic shopping bag and consisted entirely of plastic wrapping material. My local council does not recycle this type of plastic.
The rubbish weighed 550 g (1.21 lbs).

I need to either buy less in plastic packaging, or find a way of reusing/recycling this type of plastic rubbish.


  1. Yay - that's fab....looks like you're going great guns!

  2. Hi Mrs A,

    Many thanks for leaving me a message.

    You got me thinking that things can't be that different between the way our two councils in Suffolk recycle. I've taken a closer look at the A - Z of recycling on the Babergh website and it turns out I can take plastic bags and film to the to household waste and recycling centre. So perhaps I'll achieve zero waste next month.


  3. I'm going to try re-using with "plarn" first, see :)

  4. Yay great news on the recycling centre facilities. It makes all the difference. :-D